Friday, May 17, 2024

Thank you April and May 2024 Sales!

Thankyou for those who bought - a rare event despite the active campaigning and advertising!  

Added Radius - 

Worlds now have a RADIUS. in an ideal scenario we can give examples (using Vlookup) as to how does it compare to the radius of planets in our solar system and those exoplanets discovered - that will require a lot of manpower - when I get an assistant (WIGAA)  

Dwarf worlds, terrestrial worlds
Gas Giants have Radius.
Radius for Gas Giants is tricky because of the Special and exceedingly rare Type III, IV, and V. The V is the kind that consumed the inner planets to become super dense—giants that have become super dense but not dense enough to start a fusion reaction. Mathematical models—like the simulations on—model that after >90 Jupiter's worth of mass, fusion occurs, and a brown dwarf emerges. 

This reminds me of playing Star Control II late at night, exploring and losing ships only to reload from save. 

I'll try to continuously improve it - as my real-life work improves, I can have some income to help with additional writing and research. Your contribution all help - it allows me to hire to make a more powerful tool. When I hire - I have to pay both for the work output and the time for the training and ability to follow the science of the staff. Its so funny when - someone like me is giving a lecture of Planetary physics and Ship engineering. 

At the rate of the Advances of AI - I was just trying to get Darling to work to run Chatgpt4o App on Debian - the ability to have an AI work with you side by side as I share a screen will really not just accelerate the Web Apps - but I'm more ambitious about making GODOT apps for the game. 
1) A ship generator with my CC-BY-SA blender assets  

2) A 3D Space Combat MAP tool - a Tool that segments space - so that GMs can run 3D turn based space combat. 
3) A 3D  Space Travel Map Tool - it will do all the calculations and accommodate all the orbital speeds. This way logistics puzzles can be easier to present to players. 

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