Friday, May 17, 2024

Progress Report - Mneme Rockets - barometric pressure formula

So Chatgpt and Wolfram alpha is helping me with the calculations -
I learned that the barometric pressure formula is what is used to determine at what height is a target atmosphere - in the case of Earth's Satelite Atmosphere its 3.4E-16 atm (or 16 zeroes after the decimal place before 34). As you can see - Strangely Mars's atmosphere is more stable over a height according to the spreadsheet - which I tried to verify step by step. 

Anyway, impact to user: 
1) At what height is "Low Orbit" - based on the lowest point a Satelite can Orbit without experiencing atmospheric drag. Getting to this point is where there is no "Delta-V" penalty because fo atmosphere. 

2) From low Orbit, we get High Orbit. And Orbit are the many interesting places of a world. Jupiters Orbits - because of how massive has hundreds of moons. It can hold thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of MegaTon Habitats. 

So now you know Orbits of  World - not only does the Players have to Travel around the worlds they visit but the Orbits of these worlds. This is where their ship will be getting a lot of use. Jupiter and Saturn as an example could have - between them millions of places to visit - with populations of small countries - and Confederations and Federations as big as our Countries. 

The economy is built around making more space elevators and growing and expanding. 

Delays because of some family emergencies. Congrats to my brother Joben for the birth of his baby girl. 

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