Thursday, May 2, 2024

IFS function Review - Building the MGT2E ship generator.

Milestone - I've been working on an MGT2E, on and off for so long.  Good thing there is AI to talk to and ask questions to. It wouldn't have been feasible to squeeze it into my schedule and all my responsibilities without an AI to help me think about the formulas and what I had to do. Also it helped me learn a lot of things - making me time to build this. 

Not only do I have to get the logic correct, 
I have to leave a trail for me because I will have a project that will make more forget everything.

I don't need to explain to someone the limits of the AI, and how its supposed to be used. 


This was my previous technique

Also Learning to use VSCODE came in handy as VBASIC is typically used to help formulate a Function

I will make a MUCH better space and space station generator and referees can easily share and produce new ships that is more likely to have correct math and details!!! 

Since I don't have the manpower/hours for it, I wont put ALL of the MGT2E rules. Just enough for TL9. 

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