Saturday, May 18, 2024

Learning to do HTML and CSS with GPT4o

 So, I'm slowly learning to build a static website. This way it can run on the desktop, phone, tablet, etc...

I am using GPT4o, which is the best, and I tried Gemini Pro, and it kinda sucks... and never can I verify they actually process 1M tokens or all these Multi-Modal claims. Note that GPT4 is 20usd/mo while Gemini is 35usd/mo and I could already use GPT4o - I tried the desktop app but I cant get it to work they only released it in Mac... 

I got it this far. I just learning HTML and CSS first. 

The JS comes later as I have to create checks like - 
Must be Inhabited? 
allow for Habitats or World focus? Note that Habitats are the default way star systems can be colonized with high populations - Habitable worlds (requiring less Habitat Infrastructure) are just the bonus.

I learned how tables are made... and more about CSS. 

There are "Dials" in the Star generation where the user may want a particular star. 

Then there are the ultra-rare displaced Worlds. 

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