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A quick backstory and outline


This not only took a while, but you can tell from the extensive comments  it was so hard. and I forgot how the script works - good thing there was AI to help add additional context to the comments I already placed. Imagine If there was AI years ago - I'd be done by now. 

Mneme Rockets and Non-Gravitic Rules
      1. Rockets and Non-Gravitic Rules Outline

        1. Why 

          1. Relativistic Bombardment. 

          2. Planetary Perturbation

        2. Impact: 

          1. Extended Travel time. 

            1. Examples  

            2. Adjustments: 

          2. Not enough Fuel. Not enough fuel to escape an earth like gravity. 

            1. Specialized Crafts 

              1. Launch Vehicles

                1. Two-Stage-To-Orbit (TSTO)

                2. Single-Stage-Orbit

              2. Orbiters 

            2. Skyhooks and Interia Banks. based on the Boeing Hypersonic Airplane Space Tether Orbital Launch System mechanics.

            3. Space Elevators.

            4. Jovian forges or Titan Hammers.

          3. Challenges converting another SFTRPG’s mechanics into Rockets. 

        3.  Mechanics 

          1. Saturn-V baseline. 

            1. Why Saturn-V as compared to the space shuttle. 

              1. Compared to the Falcon-Heavy, Space Shuttle Launcher, Soyuz Rocket 

              2. what is significance? 

            2. TL 6 / MNTL 7 mechanics.  

          2. Quick R-Drives for Cepheus Engine and SFTRPGs. 

            1. Chemical Rockets (TL 6)

            2. Reusable Rockets (TL 6.5)

            3. Turbo-Rockets (TL 7)

            4. Nuclear Thermal Rockets (TL7)

            5. Fusion Thermal Rockets (TL 8)

            6. Nuclear Pulse Engines (AKA ORION ENGINES) (TL 8)

          3. Mneme Jump Drives. 

          4. Basic Operating Procedures

            1. Accelerating 

            2. Occupational Safety and Health Basics. 

              1. Operations 

                1. Acceleration

                2. FreeFall

                3. Magnetic Boots

                4. Handholds and Lanyards 

              2. 0G Accommodations and Extended 0G 


          1. Included is the early draft of the Mneme Ship Design Rules - 

          2. A spreadsheet: with All the Ships in CE made in MNEME Ship design rules. All the ships in Mneme Space Combat are to have rocket stats.  The ability to build ships quickly.

          3. JPG of the default deck plans - keeping the PPT editable Deck plans stay in Mneme Space combat.

        5. Future Books and Products: 

          1. Habitats—Nicco and I will create the 3D tools, Editable PPT deck plans, and Spreadsheets that will make building really big habitats (Kilo DT to Mega DT scale; plus the "economic rating" so they don't exist in a vacuum) fast and modular. Someone can use it to build detailed Spin Gravity habitats of publish their own Habitat - all the tools to do all the math and calculation and Images (3D) and editable PPT files - so they can sell their own CE products in DTRPG (our products are CC-BY-SA)

          2. An Add on to Mneme Space Combat - will add the rockets book and spreadsheet as free part of Mneme Space Combat and Encounter Generator.


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