Friday, April 26, 2024


 This is the onedrive link to the 3D printing files mneme ships.  Charles and Xtian's Internship ended, the College of Saint Benilde asked if I was accepting Interns, and I offered a lot of projects they could work on for industrial design, but they were interested in making 3D printing models of our CC-BY-SA ships. 

Now that its ended, and they put all that work into it I felt bad putting it behind a paywall. I see my Title statistics in DrivethruRPG, I know how many people visit my products and the odds of someone buying Mneme Space Combat are extremely low. 

I'm still pretty proud of the product - One of the changes you will find in Mneme Space Combat is all the ship maps will be BLANK with png tokens of the Rooms and Furnishings in the POWER POINT!!! this means you can edit them without having to open Graphics Editor!!! Why hasn't someone thought of this before us!!! Ironically Mneme Space Combat is the least likely to sell of all our products because of its Steep price of 20usd. So we are converting all the maps to editable PPT maps! imagine just taking 5 to 15 minutes to edit a ship deck plan!  

I'm accepted my mistakes and moving on I'm correcting them. The market has spoken but I am not interpreting it cynically - i think there is nuance in the signals and the data. 23 units were sold so its not bad its just too complicated to use. 

Resin Models were made by:
Charles Jamer C. Pangindian

the FDM models were made by:
Jean Christian H. Tormes

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