Sunday, March 31, 2024

3 Body Problem Reflection and my own Writings

My problems with 3BP. I really like the series - of course, I understand the need to make events that will trigger the plot to move forward. I think its a great story and recommend people to it, of course like my wife, its not for everyone. 

Unfocused Alien Contact Signals: We questioned the plausibility of contacting aliens with unfocused signals, noting that signals degrade over distance, similar to light from distant stars. The challenges in communicating with distant spacecraft like Voyager illustrate the difficulties of maintaining signal integrity over vast distances.

Stability of Trinary Star Systems: We discussed the depiction of a closely packed trinary star system in the "Three-Body Problem" and its potential for chaotic gravitational interactions. In reality, stable multi-star systems like Alpha Centauri are far apart, reducing the likelihood of the stars colliding or disrupting each other’s orbits. if they are that close together it will create Accretion Disks as well as either throwing away another star or Stellar collisions in the time scale of billions of years. 

Resource Abundance in Star Systems: We explored the idea that advanced civilizations wouldn’t need to invade other star systems for resources, as a single star system, like our Solar System, contains ample materials for supporting trillions of lives across space habitats and infrastructures. Check out Mneme World Generator and how we explored how much resources are in the world and the odds of having enough stellar mass. 

Complexity of the Sophon Concept: We critiqued the complexity of the Sophon, an AI the size of a proton used to hinder Earth's scientific progress, as overly intricate. Given the Trisolarans' advanced technology, simpler and more direct methods of achieving their goals seem more plausible. 

Assumption of Perfect Coordination in Extraterrestrial Civilizations: We touched on the "Dark Forest" scenario's assumption of homogeneous, perfectly coordinated alien civilizations. We noted the need for acknowledging heterogeneity within civilizations, suggesting that internal divisions and slower, varied responses to discovering life might be more realistic than immediate destructive actions.

I don't need aliens wanting to kill me and humanity to give me existential dread - just the existential dread of Elite wanting to Exploit, Economies, Mobs, Markets and Industries acting like Fickle Gods. and the frustration of people giving up, and enabling these horrors. Of course the part that has me engaging is the people who choose to do what they can, to reduce the over all suffering while discovering the errors or ignorance of their ways.  

Writing my own Scifi - as well as helping Students create their Start ups, and using my position for Win Win strategies to disrupt the degenerate Philippine Tech industry is a particular kind of writing. Particularly that of a project manager, teacher, and problem solver.  I would probably more successful in my problem solving and teaching than to make anyone interested in the framework I teach and use - so that technology is applied in a way to eliminate problems for society as a whole - and the memetics that frame the sociopathic thinking that hinders innovation. 

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