Tuesday, March 12, 2024

progress update : sick so I'm doing some simple JavaScript guided character gen

So I'm learning how to store values for the stats in cepheus engine gudied character gen https://github.com/justinaquinoGITB/CEguidedCHARgen240310

It begins with rolling dice but then it gets so complicated.

I have to identify all changing elements like name, terms, age and apparent age... Which I'll will change to physical age. then the species as well.

Then I discovered I have to break it up into stages - like pre-career stage . pre career is: identity, stats, home world, and starting skills. 

Then its how you drag and drop and make people allocate and choose.

Then there is the career which i don't know how to do. Yet.

So using AI to code is having someone who can do it and show you. But ultimately you need to understand how the codes/script and logic work to have a working product.

I find this easier than the networking projects I need to do but I'm too sick to do.

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