Wednesday, March 6, 2024

Mneme Research: What the rotation Speeds actually Look like

SPIN CALC spreadsheet - calcultes degress per frame

this uses blender 4.0 with 60fps 1920x1080 camera. Uploaded the new files and the files that contain the render settings if you want to reproduce this for your game.

One drive link to the Blender file -  240305 600m diamater Spin habitat.blend this is the 46mb file of the rings for the purpose of understanding what it really looks like. 

This is how each spin habitat appears to spin, assuming it is reaching the correct angular velocity or rotation speed to achieve 1G of gravity. 

This emphasizes the following in designing a spin habitat: 

1) that the spinning section is interior and there is a FIXED exterior (relative to the spinning interior). Crucial is that it minimizes resource and design reinforcement by only having less mass spin. 

2) The passageways are either outside the middle or one side. Otherwise, the center cannot be "Fixed." The center, unmoving, can be storage and SHIP docking, a key logistical place. It can also contain all the mass that will not be subjected to 1G—even some farms can be in the 0G interior. 

This rate of spin is such a big deal - it makes all the scifi  shows spin rates look off. 

Thanks to Anders Backman, in the Traveller RPG FB group,  to call out the mistake. 

without line-art

with lineart

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