Saturday, March 30, 2024

Short Stories Test - elevenlabs Text to Speech PART 1

In eleven labs I got a 80% discount, so I got 30mins of audio reading for 1usd, it will be 5usd/mo next month or if i choose to upgrade it will cost 11usd. Testing the waters, like my books, it may have some interest but not enough to make it viable. I guess with my spending on my hobby statistically I can keep trying many other things and will hopefully be lucky OR most likely “Survivors Bias” where I’m one of the many people who kept trying and have normal lives. 

The amount of things I’ve tried and failed. Yikes. I’ll just add this.

I kept it a sperate Channel called Shortstories because It will have a lot of mature themes so I dont want all my other works to be taken down. 

Eleven labs at the 5usd/mo tier has a commercial license… of course its not like I will make money off of this. My target is around a 50 people who like it and would support it with subscribing and comments. Enough to justify spending 20usd/mo to get 2 hours a month of Eleven Labs services. 

What an expensive hobby: having nicco make ships and writing books, and now writing isekai that no one may read lolz. 

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