Wednesday, March 13, 2024

March 15 to March 31 2024 Game in the Brain Sales

Here are the links to get 50% Off in 

Mneme World Generator, Mneme Variant Combat and Mneme Space Combat. (double check and look if the link sends you here) (double check and look if the link sends you here) (double check and look if the link sends you here)

there is a python script that makes QR codes based on the links. FreeQR code generators base on the 

Many QR code services offer to generate free QR codes temporarily. They accomplish this by creating a QR code that points to a link they control, which then redirects to your actual link. However, when you use this Python QR code generator, it encodes the actual characters of your link directly into the QR code. If you scan this QR code with your phone, you will see the original link in the preview, unlike "free" QR codes that use temporary redirect links. This method is more secure, reducing the risk of hijacking.
Instructions for Generating QR Codes

On Windows:
Install Python: Ensure Python is installed on your system. You can download it from the official Python website.

Install the qrcode library: Open Command Prompt (CMD) and run:
  1. css
    pip install qrcode[pil]
  2. Generate the QR Code: In CMD, use the following command, replacing YOUR_URL_HERE with the link you wish to encode:
    python -m qrcode "YOUR_URL_HERE"

On Linux (Ubuntu):

Install Python and pip (if not already installed): Open Terminal and run:
  1. sql
    sudo apt update sudo apt install python3-pip
  2. Install the qrcode library: In the Terminal, execute:
    pip3 install qrcode[pil]
  3. Generate the QR Code: In the Terminal, run the command below, substituting YOUR_URL_HERE with your desired link:
    python3 -m qrcode "YOUR_URL_HERE"

By following these instructions, you can generate a more secure QR code directly from your computer, ensuring the integrity and authenticity of your original link.

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