Friday, May 10, 2013

Modern Fantasy Setting: Haven

Taken from Digger2000 from campaign cartographer

here is the Roll20 map
Country population 150Million
Land Area: 300,000 sqkm or 114,000 sqmiles
Wealth: Poor (Middle Class CoL is $7200USD a month - including HOUSING)
Health: Poor (except for Gated Communities in Central Business Districts).
Metropolis Pop Density: 30,000 pop per square km or 68,000 pop per sq mile
Industry: Mining, Light Manufacturing and BPO,
Government: Publicly Democracy (realistically Plutocracy)
Settled Ethnicity: 40% African, 15% Western, 10% Middle Eastern, 10% Indian, 8% Asian and a small minority of various other cultures.
National Language: English, Havani
Culture: American and African
Religion: 60% Christian (protestant), 20% Muslim,
Law Levels: No Lethal Weapons Allowed (very poorly enforced).

Basic History.
One of the Spanish assets lost to the US-Spanish War of the turn of the 20C. This little gem is a large island east of Madagascar, discovered by the Spanish on their return from circumnavigating the globe.

Walled Cities. Prior to the 2009 recession, there was hyper infrastructure projects that created a property bubble. When the recession hit, this bubble created so many mega-residential towns that had no buyers. Eventually squatters moved in and several dynasts and triads seized the land and created their own micro-towns.

Floating Shantie Towns. Ships that were being given away for scrap has found themselves new services as Triad Factories. Many Cargo haulers and mega freighters find themselves as personal "fiefs" of many crime families.

Traffic Notes. (Driving +4 routine mundane task; crit failure is accident)
Rush Hour 7am-10am, 5pm-8pm (monday to saturday) 10 min / 1 mile.
Medium or Light Train is 5 mins / 1 mile. (because of the Line and not the train)
Non-Rush Hour 5 mins / 1 mile.
Empty Hour 1am-6am  2 min / 1 mile

Commuting is x2 the amount of time vs Driving.

To speed up use Hasten Rules, -1 per -10%, Crit Failure is an accident. Heavy Bikes and Scooters have +2, and Light Bikes have +3.

Area Knowledge to Commute or Navigate

Economic outlook.
Corruption is rampant and more powerful than local law-enforcement. The triad power-levels have risen but there are many and they are thoroughly balkanized. This equal and almost homogeneous criminal and corrupt element has made the area effectively free trade.

Many speculate the Triads are going to go to war eventually, but right now economic prosperity has allowed everyone to live and let live.

Personal Notes.
Love Walled Cities and Ship Towns - they basically are modern dungeons basically the GMs can fire up the dungeon generator and VIOLA a modern day encounter LOL!

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