Friday, May 31, 2013

Meeting other Munchkins

I'm a munchkin but also a role-player. I believe you can be both, because its pretty much the same as the balance we achieve Work & Life :  I try to munchkin work but I work with my disads - SoD, CoH, P:CHI, Obsessions, Dependents, Duty, Dependency, etc...

Tactics and Stratagems are entertaining to me, but only limited to Problem Solving either in combat, social, or Ops/Logistics. In fact because of Game Theory - Cognitive Psychology and Behavioral Economics I find the Role-playing element more intense than usual. I like seeing players make decisions based on character beliefs that are within believable limits of human practicality.

So summing that introduction, I'm curious to meet other munchkins.

I want to play Co-op Tactical Games with different people and experience their different styles. GURPS is sophisticated (which is complex and hard in a good way), it allows players to specialize in certain tactics.

I can imagine meeting players with specialties in sword and board, archery, Pole-arms, mobile fighting, ambush, and other specializations. I'm curious about the kinds of challenges we can face and the "combat puzzles" we can mull over when we work together with the challenges of communication, disads, and time. Especially when there is a terrain, time, and objective element in the tactics.

I would like to try a modern combat game, I'm also interested in seeing tactical specializations of other players and growing my own modern combat specialization. I'm curious how people would think through problems and tactical situations.

In a Trader game, I'm curious about the kinds of cleverness used in Social Engineering and those that exploit the Physics within Economics. I'm curious about real world techniques and how people try to show how it works in a simulationist game like GURPS.

Now that G+ Hangouts lets me meet more people from all over the world, I find that there is so much to learn and to experience playing and teaming up with various kinds of people.

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