Monday, May 6, 2013

Pre-Gens for my GURPS Game

Her is my 6 pregens head-ache for Against the Cult of the reptile God adventure

Dwarven Horse Archer - Dwarves and Ponies FTW. ST15 Bow with bodkin arrows used against giants who have a DR5 tough hide. This character is designed to take on Giants by himself, using harassing methods. Bow-16 and Axe-14.

Elven Kataphrakt - Fully armored Horse Archer and a Heavy Warhorse. Bow-14, 2h-Sword-17

Human Sellsword Dirty Fighter - a very fun character to play because you can be pretty creative with brawling-18 and Judo-16 and Spear-16. This is a kind of character where you really need to use your surroundings and the opponent's own strength against them.

Orc Pole-arms-man - My brothers favorite combat mode - ST16 and Skill-14 glaive and brawl-18. High damage per turn, good reach, and great versatility, but not as versatile as the Sellsword.

Half-Elf Paladin - Shield-18, Brawling-16, and Shortsword-16. She can cast healing spells.

Half-Elf Courtesan - just a social combat character with 15s for psychology and analysis, and 16s for influence modes. Plus some other things.

Min-Maxed for a very combat intensive game.

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