Tuesday, May 7, 2013

GURPS modern fantasy 2 - Disad driven plot and game.

Here is a link to the GURPS Modern Fantasy set at Friday May 17 Newyork 7pm which is my Saturday May 18, 7am. I should be awake by 6. Second session is May 25.

GURPS modern fantasy game

  1. Disadvantages driven plot with a combat and action focus. If you can give me your concept and disads first Ill shape the story asap, please have it in by May 14. 
  2. 2-sessions (with a 1 session extension if people like the game that much). This is so that people can be free to try out other games.   
  3. 150cp game, 50 Disadvantages, 5 Quirks. Everyone starts out as Best Buddies, trust is very high. Consider each other as a Free Ally 
  4. All those taking on Supernatural Advantages must take a 10cp Unusual Background. Low Magic in Urban areas unless otherwise stated. Ritual Magic Rules. 
  5. No cinematic advantages. 
  6. TL8 present day, and fictional cosmopolitan coastal but emerging market country, undergoing rapid urbanization going on. CR4, heavy gun control, like in many emerging market countries enforcement is not really that good, expect Status 1 and up to have bodyguards that have firearms.  
  7. You may save points to burn to negate critical failures or critical success attacks against you. 
  8. If you are new to GURPS you can contact me to talk or chat about the character and preparing your actions before the game to speed up play. We will prep a note pad of tactics and actions you can cut and paste. 
  9. You may find 100cp templates in GURPS martial arts and basic set. 

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