Wednesday, May 8, 2013

My GURPS Roll20 Status Effects Legend

Enemies and PCs will have visible health bars (the green one)
So that it will be known if they suffer the following conditions MA136

Roles = Players input their own damage, conditions and spent FP (because that would be problematic if the GM added that to his load).

dmg >1/3HP -1 DX
dmg >1/2HP -2 DX/ Move 80%
dmg >2/3HP -3 DX, Move and Dodge 50%

Crippled Injury and Specialy Effects - in the notes.
X = dead or dying
Prone - Ochre/Brown TINT
Sitting - Ochre/Brown marker
Grappled - Blue Marker
Grappler - Green Marker
Stunned - Purpler Marker
Unconscious (failed consciousness roll - Red Marker

- Allies - Green, Blues
- Hostiles - Redish, Orange, Yellow
- Neutrals - Gray

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