Monday, April 8, 2013

Played Around Roll20 last night

Some quick notes and learning

  • Dynamic Lighting is a Paid feature, which is worth it for me (because I'm counting the whole Roll20 package) if I was running a game. I plan to use this feature in Face to Face with a 40" TV if possible.
  • I didn't need to Download any Tokens or upload one's i Downloaded off the Interwebs, all the free tokens and images can be found in the Search option. 
  • I tried out the Card Dealing System, for games like Castle Falkenstein, or Savage Worlds and it was very fun and nice. 
    • I like using poker rules to augment the game, I'm planning to use poker rules with "Role-Playing tokens" as a way to Influence NPCs AND PCs a social and political layer. 
  • I think I need about 4 hours of prep if the game is map intensive, this includes
    • .... finding a way to make existing and free maps usable for my games are a better use of time than making them right now. Especially since my new laptop has some performance issues, little quirks can double the time to make a piece of art. 
    • ... dry runs dry runs dry runs
Master the Following
/w (player or GM) - secret message the player or gm
/gmroll - secret roll for the GM
/me - declare actions
/roll or /r 
in L5R or SIFRP /roll XdYkZ for L5R because the Dice explodes Xd10kZ! (add exclamation)

What I don't know
  • Should I make a Player account to see what the player sees?
  • What is the optimal performance given my Computer and Bandwidth? Can I start using 80x40 hexes or My computer can only handle 25x25 hexes at a time?
  • List of Essential Macros - have a flow analysis and see how I can reduce the amount actions
    • Example: not just the core die mechanic, how about quickly messaging Pcs and the GM about your actions. 
    • Macro that allows me to "declare" my actions clearly for tracking purposes. So that when the GM pulls out the transcript my actions and the flow are clearly states. Best if I do this as the GM and as the player. So when it comes to Postinig the adventure I can post the transcript with little editing. 
  • WOD is more complicated and I have to experiment how best to reflect it. 


Graham said...

"Should I make a Player account to see what the player sees?"

At the bottom of the Settings you'll find a button that allows you to 'Re-join as a Player' for exactly that sort of testing. :)


justin aquino said...

Thanks Spyke! I'll try that.

Douglas Cole said...

/roll 1d20+5 Roll for Initiative!

will give you what you want for tracking what rolls went for what.

You can also use the built in macro feature to do something like:

/me Pel fires two arrows at his foe(s) with Sneak Attack
/r 1d20+6 First shot
/r 1d6+1 + 3d6 Damage if successful
/r 1d20+6 Second Attack
/r 1d6+1 + 3d6 Damage if successful

in the macro editing window, which will save a lot of typing for things you do frequently. The macros are persistent from session to session, too.

justin aquino said...

Thanks +Douglas Cole
I love the macros, although I was hoping to use them to hot-key talking to the others. its hard switching back and forth. So far the core mechanic seems enough for me 3d6 for GURPS game or 2d6 for Traveller.