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GURPS Traveller ISW Operating Costs Review

Here is my ISW Ops Cost.
The future has a lot of costs.

from $700 to $7,000 per 1dton per parsec from an independent trader but it costs about half as much from a Imperial monopoly Freighter unfortunately these don't go outside main routes (major and minor).

Increase the occupancy of Low berths by 2.5. So a 1dton low berth can contain as much as 5 medium sized persons.

Cryo is $400 (which is a cell phone or a tablet these days) is now $400 (4x the cost of a two way trip half around the world) and the technology is no 5 sleepers per 1dton (like the bunk). Moving from System to System is a whole career move.

Work in exchange for Bunk Space - if you have Worker Unions so that credentials can be easily verified, there are some that allow people to work for their bunk space.
4000 Cryo or Bunk Hibernation. Bunk hibernation is not covered by any insurance and is not allowed by Megacorps despite how draconian they may be.
10,000 Standard (like every class above economy, these are mostly profit and almost most often not fully occupied)
15,000 Single
20,000 Luxury

From $2,500 standard ticket to $10,000 per jump on a liner or a quarter as much on a Trader or Courier. Note that in a Liner there is entertainment and social activities. One standard liner ticket $10,000 / 7 days translates "Travelling Expense" cost for Very Wealthy. This means 2 or 3 people can travel in double-occupancy staterooms. Like in real life there are many instances where there are discounts, subsidies, and privileges where these costs are covered by another party.

I currently trying to make a GM cheat sheet and trying to update the Commodities
Genegineered Livestock - will replacing livestock and x5-x10 more expensive. Designed to survive, thrive and reproduce in target biome/environment
Living materials - will replace wood and x5-x10 more expensive. Designed to self maintain in and thrive in a target biome/environmen.
Robots - Computers, Machinery, and Tools have the chance to be robots in a 5-6 in 1d6 roll.
Mecha - From exo-skeletons, lifters, to grav-bike variable armor* (inspired by the cyclone armor in robotech but grav-bikes make more sense given the terrain). Will be 5-6 in a 1d6 roll when results of  Ground Vehicles, Fire-Arms, Machinery comes up.

Can't knock the practicality of a gav-vehicle with a built in battledress. Its a battle-dress you bring around with you which you don't have to wear constantly, and is in easy access when responding to a scene.

 My GM cheat sheet Draft

Homebrew Rules
Stealth Modifier only provides an EW bonus, since there is no stealth in space.

Hull HT affects only the cost of the Hull, not the entire ship. The Quality modifier for all the other parts to be HT9, 10, 11 and 12 will affect performance limits. HT8 cannot move beyond its performance range, the others allows a 100% temporarily increase in performance for 4 hours or stretched out up to double the duration but 1/4 the performance improvement (8 hours 25% increase). Every increment increases the boost by another 100%. 9 is +100% (x2), 10 is +200%(x3), 11 is +300% (x4) or 12HT for +400% (x5). HT of a ship that wishes an engineer take advantage of its improved performance requires a -2 per 100% improvement check. Failure means the engineer will have to try again, another 20mins or space combat turn to try. So it takes a very good engineer to max out HT12 (-8). The ship still needs to make an HT check when red-lining, but the margin of success +3 adds to the roll. On a failed engineering/mechanic roll the ship has a penalty equal to the margin of failure -1.

Failure greater than Margin of 1, is dDmg to PP or M-drive (1d6 1-4PP, 5-6 M-drive).

The strategic trade off of High Quality Equipment is that without sacrificing space, the powerplant and m-drives can double its performance if needed. paying x10 more for HT12 allows a ship to x5 their performane at no additional mass and space cost. A really good engineer hacker can hack an engine to perform past its limits but in carefully limited and time usages.

Hull HT allows a ship to be strong enough to weather extreme atmospheres

HT 8 Roll against Extreme Weather in Standard Atmosphere. Can do a emergency water landing.
HT 9 Roll against Extreme Weather in Dense Atmosphere. Can take off from Terra Sea.
HT 10 Roll against Extreme Weather in Very Dense Atmosphere. Can submerse in Terra Sea 100m
HT 11 Roll against Extreme Weather in Fluid Atmosphere. Can submerse in terra sea 500m
HT 12 Can suberse in terra sea in 1000m

The ability to go into very dense atmosphere allows for Warships to take advantage of atmosphere, dust clouds, and cosmic storms.

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