Monday, April 1, 2013

Narrative System add on

Open-Role Playing Narrative Stystem version 0.
Here is a basic short Narrative Mechanic system based on my experience with such systems. This is meant to be generic so that you can use it over your current system. Here are some notes on what would be fine as a risk. 

GURPS a Risk is -4.

MT a Risk is -3
DnD a Risk is -6 
L5R a Risk is 2 raises
Falkenstein a Risk is to go against the GM's hand and "wager" a role-playing point, if you use poker-like rules.

The thing about narrative systems is that its level of abstraction is pretty hard to define, but intuitive enough that you grasp it when you play it. I realized you really need to define what makes the game fun. See the forest not the trees kind of focus. Strangely in RPGs the Line "we teach our children how to be happy, so that they learn the value of things and not just their cost" applies to Gaming. If you can't answer what makes your game fun you have a big problem.

Current Projects
GURPS LITE+ A6 Size: Currently editing "Combat" Chapter and "Injury, Recovery and Hazards Chapters" Chapter. Began with Equipment Chapters. remaining are Character Generation Chapters, Social Mechanics (after I buy Social Engineering and there is interest in people playing it). Making GURPS fit your phone's PDF reader hopefully going to be appreciated. 
I plan to throw in my Roll20 Token Art ONCE I figure out how to use Infinity Painter which is buggy for my Note 2 in reviews it is the "best" or if that doesn't work I'll try to master Samsung's Idea Sketch (I need to flip the image to see lack of symmetry and flaws, I would normally hold the paper up against light - an easy technique to gain a "different perspective"). My Windows8 laptop has been giving me a hard time in the multimedia department even though its the most powerful computer I currently own. 
A perfect free bundle - rules to play, ready tokens, and you can just grab any map. 

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