Monday, April 8, 2013

Framing makes you Win!


Framing is so freaking powerful as a life skill but as a Game skill.

Framing as a powerful Coping mechanism. It allows you to ignore the Cognitive Bias of Loss Aversion, and is a real mark of maturity IMO. It allows you to work with others despite some beliefs and contrary details, simply because it allows you to cancel out these options and focus on what is on the table (part of information theory, working on what is known).

I would have argued, but now its not so important to me although I would like to still be on the same page and run by some details that will come up during play - immediately I want to know what the GM thinks instead of what the Rules, Forums, or Others would say.

Most importantly, related to Gaming, Framing helps us cross from Traditional style to the New Generation of games those that focus on Narrative Control and Social Mechanics. With Framing we are able to have an array of Perspectives, a whole CLOSET full of perspectives at our disposal. We all grew up with the perspectives we have, being able to take on new ones helps us in enjoying more things and knowing how others enjoy.

I mean, already if your Empathy is working you are seeing how everyone enjoys the game in the table. You can't help but see that value, experience, and that feeling have a positive feedback loop, and know how to rechannel the negative out.

Happy Jacks Season 9, ep15

Email Premise: Designing a Challenging Encounter is an Important undertaking. 

Challenge Design is not an good economic use of your time versus all the other gaming options. It narrows your focus, and a "Good" GM becomes defined by Challenge Design - a Good GM is anyone who can make the experience FUN for his audience IMO (a lot of relative elements there).

This brings us to Framing because, you have to pull away from the Encounter Design Frame and expand your repertoire of Frames/Perspectives.

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