Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Traveller: Merchant Rising Session 4

This is my 2nd game playing Jia or Baron Jia. We had a slow start due to some key characters being unable to join, still we soldiered on and had a lot of fun.

The cast:
+Mark Knights (GM), +Matt Guyder (Darrok the Marine), +duncan mcphedran (Moloch the Engineer), and newly joining us is +Tom Tyson (Blue Tyson? the Medic).

Filipino English has some buried filipino-isms that need editing-out, so I find myself struggling sometimes because I catch myself about to say that and realize, "they won't get that". So i have to edit myself a bit. This game, is the smoothest I found myself being with less of the stops and self-edits.

We are at RUIE and have just recently survived a pirate hijack. Since the Captain was not available, we had to take initiative, so we were looking for something to do. Fortunately there was something to do, we had to go to Elly Archer and check if the delivery of Drilling Rigs contract is still available.

Jia made the usual introductions and correspondences with Elly. He had prepared gifts and the letter of introduction, and in return Elly invited the crew to a concert. Jia took the opportunity to get to know his crewmates better and to look for potential business deals.

This is where "The Accountant" starts looking like more of a schmoozing nobleman, but instead of pulling rank he wears clothes of his job title and rank. In actuality the lack of pomp allows him to dress practically - ballistic "work" clothes and a concealed carry 1911.

There was a limo, and a lot of typical social niceties, that had happened on the way and up on arriving at the concert. Jia was fussing about the dress and make of his crewmates making sure they no detail was "off" and assumed they were ill versed in business etiquette and took the lead by exaggerating a bit so that his team can follow.

The night proved entertaining and fruitful for others. Elly introduced Jules Bain and her body guard Walker-"I-forget-his-first-name". Jia chatted up the business partner and Jules, by lauding Darroks accomplishments and giving him full credit for saving their asses. There was an opportunity for business, since getting the word out of their daring success could means potential business.

Jules took special interest in Moloch, and excusing herself took him and had their own entertainment. When she leaves with him, he hands Walker his card, knowing that its the "servant" who accepts the card.

While Moloch and Jules were having their entertainment, Darrok was chatting up Walker while Jia was chatting up Elly. He gets wind that there will be trouble, and begins preparing himself for it. Catching a glance at Jia, he motions to a few people who are very out of place in the concert. Darrok gives dagger looks at him and points at the scary people, who seem to be now talking to Elly.

Jia, makes the excuse to Elly that he should introduce him to more people as beginning with those around him. Elly uses subtlety to point out the "private nature" of his associates. Jia very much agrees and takes this as an opportunity and spins a quick anecdote about "privacy" and how much he values providing such discretion and service to clients and partners. He uses the tale to get a better look, a mental game of 20 questions where when nothing is plainly visible he assumes a threat when information is lacking.

Two men, one woman. One appears like a Cowboy without the hat, instead a trench coat and jeans. Another man in a asian round colar with curly hair and masked expersession. then a athletic lady with platinum blond hair. Quickly it becomes obvious that these are not "social" creatures and when one of them, was called Lauren, is called to talk to Jia. Jia quickly ends his tale and excuses himself.

Jia is walking back, making very obvious handsignals of danger and mouthing "Dangerous" when Lauren slips to his side and begins talking and taking him another direction. Jia uses social niceties to entertain her but then she wrenches his finger. Jia visible weakens (ST2) and Darrok approaches, only to be stunned for no plausible reason. At this point Jia is let go, Lauren telling him to take care of his friend.

Jia qickly leaves her, heading to Darrok but makes sure all his things are with him, and nothing is planted before he arrives. Before he arrives, Blue comes to Darroks aid, and was able to deduce the possibility of a psionic assault.

Their leader, the Cowboy, makes a big show as he stands to leave. The party watches as this group heads out, but Walker tells them trouble is not yet over.

Lauren ? (F, ?) - Cyber--ed dangerous woman with an athletic build and platinum blond hair.

Jules Bane (F, Entertainer) - an Imperial entertainer who has a head for business. She is a high status entertainer, with a very universal demographic. Come to think of it more of a Tori Amos, she also happens to be a very attractive red-head.

Elly Archer (M, Merchant; Introduced by Bryce Redcalf) - bought the diamond shipment, works for Exo-tech, which produces Drilling Rigs.  Elly has a very strange group of "business partners" and approached Jia regarding some "Logistics" challenges. He has some goods that have challenges getting from one point to another he wants help in.

? Walker (M, Marine) Jules' body guard. Cybered up.

Gaps on my notes:
The name of the Pirate we scared near-death?
and the lacking first and last names.

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