Friday, April 5, 2013

GURPS Lite+ Combat Chapter for your Phone

Combat Chapter of GURPS lite for your Phone or Reader. Have this ready in your next GURPS combat game. No house rules but I did put some MA rules that "balances" combat a bit and some Basic Set Campaign rules.

  • Hit location (Basic)
  • Wound penalties (MA)
  • More Maneuvers than Lite (Basic) 
  • Melee Attack Options: Telegraphic, Deceptive, and Rapid Strike.

Things I learned in the editing GURPS Lite
- Reach Weapons are easy to hit (-2 for Long Spear, -3 Spear, and -4 a melee weapon). Cheaper haflted weapons will always be a better target
- Weapons and Armor Chapter - I've got the ST requirements Down. What I did was I got all the notes in incorporated on the weapon entry itself. Its just cut&paste, so I learned a Spear can be wielded at Reach2 with ST13, but gains Parry-0U and all that jazz. I made the Default Axe a "Thrown Axe" which is $10 more expensive than a regular axe but can be Thrown.

Since my Chapters are not going to be "together" I can use Wildcard for skills and also have Regular Skills as well. I will follow the following format for skills:
Skill (Stat/diff) (heading 4)
Other Uses - list of skills this skill allows you to use. I will put it my GM input and put it in blue text.

Profession: Warrior (IQ/A) (heading 4)
Default: IQ-5, Soldier-2
Other Uses: Strategy-4, Tactics-3, Savoir-Faire (Tribe*)-0, Survival-2, Intimidation-2, Leadership-4, History: Tribe-3.
You are the warrior elite of your Tribe*, you are skill in performing the duties and responsibilities of such a member.
*this definition of tribe.

Profession: Soldier (IQ/A) (heading 4)
Default: IQ-5, Expertise: Military-3
Other Uses: Strategy-4, Tactics-4, Engineering: Combat-4, Survival-2, Leadership-4, Savoir-Faire: Military-2

this way players will buy less skill or focus on a Profession that gives the most complimentary "other uses" to their design. They won't have to Buy and track so many skills.

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