Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Epic Combat in Vaclav's GURPS Gladiator Game

+Vaclav Tofl 's GURPS Gladiator Arena Game just ended, playing was myself,  +Jessie Foster playing Lucius Aggripa and +Martin Davis playing Parmenion.

Jia, my Paper Tiger who is actually a Horse Archer (23 points sunk in that) survived fighting with Spear-14, Move-8, and with luck (no critical fails that entire 130min game).   We fought a Dire Wolf and several strong wolves.

I have to say my heart was actually racing, because there were too many close calls. I played a conservative strategy and burned through my FP with Feverish Defense almost every time it was my turn.

I just practiced the fundamentals: Waited, Kept Close to my Allies and Supported them by forcing a Retreat and when the position was excellent tried to Feint (and failed) and got really luck of a botched attack which allowed me to use Telescopic Attack at severely wound the Direwolf. It was a Critical Fail on his Death check that killed him, with such great "Dramatic" Timing.

It was a long but very dramatic combat, and I was very lucky and I even got a lot of the crowd's cheers. Too much excitement LOL! So many close calls, and it was easy to forget special plans and techniques when its not our turn. I really need to write it down in note pad.

I copied Vaclav's Technique and pre-written all my cut+paste notes for my actions.

  • /me Free Action - drop shield, Ready Action Remove and Drop Helmet, Free Action (Grip Mastery) Ready Spear for Reach 2 and Defensive Grip
  • /me Wait, when a target charges into me or my allies, Stop Thrust  
  • /me Wait, when a target with in reach tries to attack me or my allies attack (rear) leg (-2)
  • /me Wait, when a target with in reach tries to attack me or my allies attack torso (0)

I need to formulate a one word way to instruct an ally, what does "Latis!" (Flank)! mean? If I say "Latis!" in my turn, and try to Flank, does that mean my ally should do the same? 

Since my character has some Latin "mecum!" when we go into formation? hasta mura or scuta mura?



Charles Saeger said...

That's "latus," not "latis," if it's really important. "Ad latus" is "to the side."

Grouchy Chris said...

Telescopic Attack? Now I'm imagining you were playing Mr. Fantastic of the Fantastic Four.

These gladiator fights sound like a heck of a lot of fun. I wish I could join in, but alas, my computer at home isn't up to it.

justin aquino said...

oops I mean telegraphic. Hmmm, been typing too fast and shaken up by the fight when i posted. LOL!

justin aquino said...

Thanks for the correction, I forgot how to decline, its been 16 years LOL!