Saturday, April 20, 2013

Bones Reaper mini's may have arrived, Got my Printer back

I've got a letter in the mail for picking up something from the post-office. I can only visit the post-office in regular work hours, and there is that scary stamp of "subject to customs". I knew that there is a possibility that customs will screw me over.

Last time I bought something online, my airsoft mid-capacity magazines for my G3, I paid about the same cost as my purchase (x2 4000php $80 plus another $80) or about  due to some mysterious and mystical taxes. I only learned recently I was supposed to bring a wad of 50's (1USD) to drop in every open desk drawer if I didn't want to be screwed royally. Customs is supposed to get about a small percentage according to this calculator so at most 15% of the value of my Reaper Minis.

I think this time I will record my entire transaction if possible with customs or send the company messenger to deal with the corruption.

This is why we can't have nice things in the Philippines.

Anyway, I'm glad I just got my printer back (SCX-4200 samsung all-in-one). I just finally got to print my Qin: The Warring States! that took about 2-3 hours while I was doing a number of other things. I lost probably 50php in printing errors. Last time I calculated it costs me about 1.4 php to print a page total. So that It will be one visit to the binders, I better print the Art of War expansion book.

So Printing  272 pages costs about 380 plus binding of 200 and 144 cost about 345 (because the page is not white buy Gray eating up more printer toner) . Ouch.

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