Sunday, April 7, 2013

Games I've Commited to because of Hangout and G+

+Mark Knights Merchant's Rising (Manila Wed 5pm)
+Vaclav Tofl GURPS Gladiator Arena  (Manila Tuesday 10am)
+Christian Blouin Return to Kazadum (Manila Sat 9am)
+Michael Keenan Adventurer's and Adversaries (Manila Friday 1pm)
+Tobie Abad and Various other GM's in the Gamer Meet-ups (Manila Thursday 8pm)

Freaking 5 games, and thanks to Roll20 and G+ Hangout. If your a Table-top Gamer with work life balance needs then G+ games are the way to go.

I have mandarin classes on April 16 Tuesday and Thursday 6-9pm for 8 weeks (15 lessons). Which kills my face to face game.

+Erich Lichnock ran Dungeon Worlds for us this Thursday Night

+Matthew Roman ran a GURPS Lite "end of the world scenario" for us: +King Mathew Von Schuck+Nikos Ong, +rossel miranda, and myself included.

I guess when you get back into something there are instances we over-do it. I overdid it.


Jason Packer said...

This is remarkably dangerous for me, as well. I don't have the ability to commit to face to face games, but find myself wanting to commit to G+ games that are just as likely not to work out for me!

We need to get more one-shot games running through G+ - or otherwise episodic games, where whoever shows up gets to play without much concern for who that is.

justin aquino said...

Yes, I can't agree more. Actually, many of the games were supposed to be "One shots". LOL, but evolved into a continuing game.

I will have to bow out of two games out five at least, and maintain the onese that have the best sched for me.