Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Traveller Merchant Rising Session 5

+Mark Knights , +duncan mcphedran+Scott Cadoo+Seth Blumberg and +Tom Tyson

Another wonderful game.

We got ambushed, while on concert. Worse is that we were ambushed by very well funded, psionic, extraction team. Tark? (Scott) was able to ambush them, in the darkness. Moloch was able to kill off the cybered lady, Lauren.

Edit: Seth playing Beniades the captian, was able to organize us after the attack. Tom with Tyson Blue was the Life saver of the party, helping everyone get back up. (Mental Note- everyone should train in First aid and carry first aid).

After the combat ended, we checked the bodies and found one was alive. The one that was just unconscious was the Cowboy leader. Jia, was in a hurry since it becomes clear that Jules Bain was the target and her very wealthy person would be a great source of funding if rescued.

Jia then takes the cowboy behind the bar and began making small talk, saying that "I doesn't know how to interrogate or torture anyone, all I really know is that this 1911 has 8 rounds plus one in the chamber and I will blow off digits until you decide to say something useful."

The Cowboy said: "I know you, have you ever heard of 'Know your Enemy*'!"

Jia "Of course I do, I'm Chinese" Then shoots the foot of Cowboy "Oops! He's trying to kill me!" lying quite plainly from behind the bar.

To Jia's surprise, he bursts into flames.... taking 10+ damage against his Dex of 3, Str of 2...

will he be ok hahaha I'll find out the week after next!

*A saying from the Art of War.

Looking back at my traveller notes, too bad the readiness doctrine won't carry over to Classic Traveller. I had like standard outfits and proceedures back in the day in +bobby navarro games (i'm sure the over-preparedness and paranoia annoyed him to no end, how about my current gm?).

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