Friday, December 1, 2023

Small Craft 10, 20, 30, 50, 70, and 95DT with switchblade Wings

The new file in your Mneme Space Combat would be 231201 Small Craft 02.blend - part of a continuing set of Models and Ships with stats you can use for your games as they are all Creative Commons Share Alike and Attribute. You wont get Ships this generous - to follow is nicco making the 2D maps from the same files using Power Point (which everyone has and can edit) and you can customize for your games. 

So nicco and I meet 2x a week on the progress of the ships. 

  1. the Files Ballooned into 2.4GB in size.  causing both our PCs to crash. 
  2. So i did an analysis and researched how to fix it. So we are now using Instancing. Instancing in blender is making a using Add > Instance. which takes a collection (group of objects) and  projects it into the space, without creating any new data. from 2.4GB its now just 0.5GB. What also helped was the new chair i modeled which was simpler in design.  
    1. the November Chair (the chair I made in nov) is 1/3 in faces and vertices. 
    2. Also if you've seen the animation I've made for it, 

damn, so from 2.4GB, to 0.55GB, and now 0.12GB. You really need someone who is doing the technical stuff, or else the creative gets bottlenecked. I hope I can train one of my OJTs for this. I dont know if they are inclined to learn Blender3d and 3d Printing. I put my odds at 1/10. 

Left is the chair I made, the right is a free asset we found. 
It helps I'm from the furniture biz, these kinds of chairs are something I would have an Industrial Design team create with FREECAD and open source it - I think our manufacturing plant can make it. The goal would be a reconfigurable chair for airplanes seating - the problem is to have something that strong would mean really thick and thus heavy guage of steel - like the Levitation Street Performer

You need something so strong that it would barely bend - and light, aluminum or very thin steel with graphene. 
if my various IT projects find clients and make money - with probably the cost of these components and the schools I partner with I could probably have a section of our manufacturing plant pull this off for applications in furniture. Dreams. 

Here is a View of the Interiors. 

6 seats per passenger seating. x3 x5 = 90. 90 x2 180 seats. + 6x4 = 114 seats. 

8 standard seating x 3 = 24 standard seats. 





The reason why I believe Creative Commons works for Game in the brain is that confidence in our abilities - and that we can always improve and that its worth investing in us because we are always improving and growing.  So the people who invested in our products will have something to look forward to. Anyway CE is Open Gaming - it gave us this opportunity. 

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