Saturday, November 18, 2023

CE character gen notes is the github link

The link to the current version of the character gen

This is how I understand how the JS. 

Open the .JS to access the JS script. 

I’ve kept it mostly intact except for the changes. 

So Line 1 o 52 are the notes. 

Line 1127 //------------ "t" object holds Traveller character definitions ------------//

Is the core process that builds the character. It references the Variables you set above it. As the comment states you will see the t or t.attributes etc… which tells  what will be stored in t. 

You will see it begin with var t = {}; 
the red var is the variable with an = which means it is being defined. you can see it begin to start all these values. t.cheat 
when you see a ; this is leads to the next line. You know its the end with its the closing curly bracket }.
So if I want to change the Workflow of how this Script resolves, I will have to modify this Object Holding script. This is because in order to have contents or stats, this triggers some functions.  

if I want the stats to be rolled differently, I will edit this script

t.attributes = {
    strength: roll(2),
    dexterity: roll(2),
    endurance: roll(2),
    intelligence: roll(2),
    education: roll(2),
    social: roll(2),

if I want it to be roll 3d6 but keep highest 2d6 i will need to edit this. 
I have to define t.attributeDM (attribute dice modifiers). My problem is that I have to replicate the Attribute Increase script for AttributeDM increase. 

here are the skills. In CE there are starting skills from your Education = 3 plus EduDM (education dice modifier) and an array of skills to draw from. I have to make a script for that. Then there will a t.homeworld background I will need to create. 

A challengee is the Determine Service Function (t.determineService). I would be doing my Physical-Therapy or Run and wondering how I will organize this. The problems are: 
there is 0 Skill level. Which I need to analyze how to implement. 
then how do I make it, that on your first term you get Starting Service skills at 0. 
And then proceeding will be rolling randomly in the Service Skill table. 

its this logic I dont undestand yet. And even if I think I understand I have to test with experiments. So JS CODIUM its faster to test than doing it in Github which has a 2-3 minutes before the script will reflect in the Website. On my desktop as soon as I save and refresh index.html?history=verbose page on my browser the changes will reflect. 

Dont worry I will add my own Comments and in the Readme I will probably copy paste these notes. This way the AI can help dablers in scripts. 

I’m excited to fixing the CE Char gen and bundling it in my Mneme Variant Combat. Scarily thats 24 Careers that needs to be encoded. Even with AI thats still going to take a lot of time.  

The language is different in CE where we use Careers and a Massive Find Replace action to replace all Service and service in the entire document. 
Then Attributes and attributes will be replaced with Characteristic and characteristic. 

The deceased condition, I’m trying to understand the function that says failing a survival is decesased 

This is a fun distraction from work. The thing about a new skill is that it feels like i’m moving because in a few minutes something new is made. Of course No one aske “can you automate the CE character gen” - well World Generator no one asked - “Can you automate World Gen” lolz. 

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