Friday, November 3, 2023

VSCodium and Github - for the TRPGamers who will automate

So I made a tutorial - after probably 20 recording - how to set this up. I couldnt have done it with ChatGPT4 helping me research the errors (copy paste the errors) to figure out what went wrong.  

Its the Age of AI - where the AI is going to help us leave the comfort of our core disciplines and branch out. Gaming it the hobby of exploring the world with a curious and playful mindset - allowing us to take on challenges undaunted. 

note my age and those older than me who do still attempt to learn skills outside their discipline. Still we can't do this full time. Playing with Code is about 4-5 weeks in a year and I forget so much - if feels like a dream. AFter this long holiday I will probably be doing Network (Pfsense) Problems - note that I'm primarily a project manager - organizing work and trying to make small wins (as compared to an operations manager who tries to create a sustainable cycle if they were mindful of the literature of what operations managing does) 

I really hate how market forces try to squeeze the life out of people - i dont like having so many to juggle that I sometimes feel like I lose myself and forget chunks of me - but thats the demands unless we change the system (obviously a systems nerd - found in world builders )

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