Thursday, November 16, 2023

Progress in the CE Character gen - More verbose for easy feedback.

 Progress in the CE Character gen (based on Pgorman's Classic Traveller character gen)

Link to the Character gen

  • figured out how to have instant feedback with VSCODIUM
  • slowly figuring out how his Character Gen Works and what the functions are for
    • You will notice I made Verbose very Verbose. so that its easy to follow what the roll did and easy to check if I made a mistake. Slowly this will use the Attribute DM instead of the if statements of Classic Traveller. 
    • I played around with NAVY since it was the most accessible. So right now it only does navy. When I understand how it all works I can proceed to BARBARIAN - 
    • A problem is that Background is an event that happens before Careers are rolled. 
    • Random World Roll. 

    • 6 careers will be: Barbarian, Drifter, Marine, Mercenary, Rogue, and Army + Background. Once I figure this all out, I can hire one of my OJTS to help in this project since I can now teach him how I want it improved. That means the 18 other careers can be given to my freelancer.  
    • Once the 6 combat carers can be made I'll promote Variant Combat rules with Character Generator. 
    • Next is the Scenario Generator which is more complex, while I slowly upload all the careers.  
    • Will people want to spend money on Variant Combat rules thinking: "Lets have Characters duke it out in a randomly generated scenario".  

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