Monday, November 6, 2023

Can't Draw Painstaking Details anymore - 3D models is the way to Go.

In Adventure, where we played ourselves in the Genre of Isekai in college (in 2000) I played the Illusionist. If I could manipulate perception the things I would do - which would be an interesting character: the Scientific honest-faced Illusionist. 

I can draw, but I can't draw the painstaking details needed to do a hard scifi. Particularly the way the body moves in a space suit that tries to be realistic. This means I will be focusing not on drawing but in modeling bodies and faces and rigging them.  

Created with Dalle3

2-Parsec and Mneme Variant Combat will be re-aligned.

2-Parsec (Or Parsecs from Sol Series)

 an Adventure where I populate the nearby star systems to Earth and produce a 3D star map of these worlds and Create worlds using Mneme World Generator - I and Nicco will model and create 3D models of the Characters and NPCs. basically a rigged (meaning a Posable and Animatable model) of the NPCs. 

Enough assets that If I had the money I can probably Animate a Scene and make a broke-budget Sci-Fi show. Thankfully I've covered the other side of this equation: A supply of young 3D animators who need a project. 

Mneme Variant Combat 

I will apply the same skills but make 3D printable combat figures and 3D Assets. People will buy it because - not only do we fix the rules in a way that it a sustainable update cycle. 


I dont like the business model of creating a New Version to make more money. I'll try to stick to continuously improving Mneme and GITB products until we reach platinum (which is never - this is never going to be mainstream). I'll try to re-invest all the money back into improvements - improvements I get to decide how to apply our limited resources on. 

If Platinum is achieved - with how far I can make money go in the Philippines (as we have a minimum wage here of 1.5usd/hour and 1usd/hour in the provinces; I love bragging how much money I save and earn my company ) I can probably have the power to bring in more talent who will develop under us to hopefully found something better than us. 

Lets see if this can work. 

Radio Drama. 

With the VTuber Tech, AI-voices and Gamers who can do accents and impersonations: When am I going to see a Radio Drama with Vtuber Avatar animations running characters and AI voice changers and a Virtual projected Backdrop of the Scenes. 


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