Wednesday, October 25, 2023

Mneme Space Combat is Published: What's Next?

So it seems that DriveThruRPG allowed Mneme Space Combat to autopublish.

What happens next? 

  1. Monthly Plugging (Spamming) the FB groups of Traveller with the small improvements of the product. 
    1. Model of the Life Pod and Art of the Life Pod. Distributed life support. 
    2. Model of the Passenger Seating Modules. economics of operating a vessel. 
    3. Monthly Sample Encounters and Combat. This is pretty important because sample combat in both Mneme Space Combat and Mneme Personal Combat Rules would benefit in walkthroughs and samples. 
      1. Armed Traders against a variety of opponents. 
      2. Defense boats against Pirates and Raiders. 
      3. Tactics involving Fighters and how to run larger-scale combat. 
    4. I'm looking forward to plugging my product monthly because I like talking about my projects and making it known that my kind of product exist: Editable Files, Blender Models, Hard Scifi, Referee/GM centric Design. 
  2. Future Projects: 
    1. Gravitic-Less Delta-V Budget Rules (GL-DV)
      1. FINALLY! I get to have the set up to establish rules where there is no Gravitics (No Gravity Manipulation) and No-Reactionless-Drives. There will be a set of ships and rules for GLDV and all its logistics.  
      2. It will cover the following: 
        1. Angular Size  a simple calculator that will help people imagine how big is the planet or asteroid in a given distance. 
        2. Logistics of GLDV - when trips take months. 
        3. Economics: Opportunities and Risks: Encounters and Scenarios. 
      3. Space Combat with Delta-V Budget Rules!
      4. New Tech Level System (see Mneme World Generator Tech Levels)
      5. "New Ships" - Basically, pre-TL 9 ships. TL6 to TL8 Ships and mechanics for a Sol Based Campaign and a Human diaspora of a hundred billion. 
    2. Vehicle Building Spreadsheet
      1. Battery Rules 
      2. Tweaks to the system that make it more usable and spreadsheet-friendly. 
    3. Update the Lore: Hard Scifi Setting, which has a more dragged out tech progression where instead of taking 100 years for FTL, it takes 200 years. 
But I will definitely take a couple of weeks break from any Game writing and work. 

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