Sunday, October 22, 2023

Discovering Unfinished Works: 2-Parsec

 I got so busy with Mneme Space Combat I haven’t checked my DriveThruRPG and saw 2-Parsecs book entry. It’s available as a free book in Mneme World Generator but it had some problems: I couldn’t make it a stand alone book because the scenarios were unplayable with the current rules set regarding space. 

My goal was that you run it, you have everything for smoothly run game. 

Particularly the Space Encounter Mechanics. There main problem I had with the Space Encounter is Detection and Preparation. I wrote a book about Nearby Star Systems - Alpha Centauri’s Triple star System, Barnard Star, and Lehman 16’s binary star system - and when they Jump into the system: What greets them? what do they see? What dangers awaits them? What due diligence can they perform? 

I’ve used AskmyPDF (AI helping me go through the book, using natural language to search and collect references and verify it) on Cepheus Engine SRD and it does have some lacking elements. 

Mneme Space Combat and Mneme Combat Rules will hopefully help have games run smoother. I will try to come up with sample scenarios. Demoing the mechanics and how it will run smoother.

I want to create a Github of a Character Generator with python - since I will be having AI studies and I can afford Co-Pilot and various AI assistants to help me learn to code. I also need to learn Python because of the AI tools we will be creating at work when we have to create Embedded Prompts in H2Ogpt. 


Note Mneme Combat Mechanics has a spreadsheet of weapons that allows Referees to create a library of weapons. 

Migrating all the mechanics to Python is not an easy feat. The first thing i have to do is so indirect: Creat a Docker of the Flask which will contain the Web framework. Basically before I can even begin the project which will be shared, it has to be in a medium that is shareable.  

2-Parsecs will continued, after Mneme Space Combat is launched. I will be drawing the art with Procreate, since AI art is has a lot of negative press. Since I’m not exclusive with DTRPG, i’ll probably experiment releasing a version with AI Art. 

My strategy is to have quarterly updates to Mneme Space Combat - coming up with additional free stuff, tutorials and videos. Something I can produce with Nicco Salonga in a couple of months. While doing that learning to create the foundation by which the Apps will be created: Character creation then moving the World Generator and the Ship Generator. 

It’s all python because the Blender App works in python. AI and Blender are all Python. 

Good luck to us. As I get older I know better but the projects get much harder. 

At 44 i dont think I will be my dream Game Designer, making money with Mneme. It’s going to be me spending on mneme because I can hire a friend to help me make a book. I going to be scrimping and saving until this brain gives out. 

It’s not so bad, my projects now at work is dealing with 3D printers, Arduino Devices, and training students Open Source Collaborative work: design and prototype fast - first mover advantage of Open Source and build build build. It’s one of many childhood dreams - like my kids wanting to be policemen, cooks, scientists, astronauts etc… 

As my vision gets worse as I get older, and my motor skills decline and my attention gets overburdened by so many responsibilities (an IT company that is starting up, and an Electronics Company starting up) - success in in TRPGs has been foreshadowed by the rejection letters. Of course If I succeeded, what would it have meant: Staff for more ambitious projects - blender Apps, world building tools, etc… Another gamble. 

Someone wants it more - someone deserves to succeed more than me. I’m just the Game Writer who happens to work regarding this in a Developing World. A vision of a sci-fi future has to come from someone more charming, confident, passionate, infectious etc… it doesnt come from some beat up old man in the developing world juggling this and family. 


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