Friday, October 29, 2021

Update: Suit and ship mostly finished.


  1. The ship is 50% Finished
    1. Needs to be Rigged and Shader optimized 
  2. The suit as well, 50% the remaining is the rigging for animation and posing. 
    1. Still needs to be shader optimized. 
  3. I finished a Planet Generator that allows for Cthonian and Gas Giants or Dwarfs etc... using the Planetary Types and Size in Wikipedia. My material is going to be designed to compliment Near Space. 
    1. Planet generator is one component of the WORLD GENERATOR. which needs me to randomly determine also the Habitability (Atmosphere and Hydrographics), Population, Resources, Tech Level: and other derived stats like Final Population, Law etc... Dont worry you will get a Spreadsheet that outputs to a table you can easily cut and paste to a Document for your players. I don't consider it PLAYABLE if I cant play GOD! (by building worlds in less than 2 minutes with the spreadsheets. 
    2. Near Space would be a Perfect Procedural game where Solese discover another civilization they cannot detect as they discover FTL and arrive. The gm can run scenarios like Interstellar Wars of early Traveller, Horror, Mystery, Intrigue, etc... Players can ask the GM to roll up a plot. 
  4. Remaining is the rest of the World Builder 
  5. I have to Invest in various Shaders to TRY THEM OUT. Shaders are the paid add ons that indies make. Genishin Impact shader is Until i make my own shader from scratch I cannot share the genshin impact shader. Its possible though that I can commission a shader to be made in Fiverr if I sell enough and that shader will be open-sourced. I have to try Lightning Boy Shader but that's 30usd which is 3 days minimum wage here in the Philippines. the Genshin Impact one is a Fastfood meal to Try. And I got intimidated with the Lightning boy Shader - what more non 3d background people who will get these as part of the book. 
  6. After the World Builder (spreadsheet and written rules) which may take 2-3 more weeks I can proceed to the fucking ship builder because I've pretty much figured it mostly out but no play to Play the Ship. 
    1. Wow the end users have a TL6-TL8 Ship generator where can they take it? they can slap it on to their game and pirates or primitives. They need a place to use the ships. A way to adventure in INTRAstellar space. Thus world builder. 

left is newer version, right is first draft

playing with Evee and Freestyle

Funny thing - what did i expect?
bought a CE skill list. on the file it had 24 MB and I was like, wow  a different skill list for pay what you want. Ok I might as well give this person 1usd (a meal here in the Philippines) and it really is a Skill list... as in just like the one in the CESRD...

looking at the positive I charged almost 1/50th at copper level (50 sales) how much it took me to make my stuff. I'm just learning so I hope I'm 20% of even if I can make a product I believe will get Gold 500 sales and Profit at Adamantine. I think what we produce will save GM/Referees 20% of their prep time relative to their play time for the details they want to take on. 

its funny that I'm an IT head with an Arts background with a passion for Hard Scifi - who wants to run Case Studies - PCs trying to make money - and applying my 3rd World biz Experience in all the special insight practices someone whose family biz deals with the Gov't. I hope the tools make it that people will go "Hey why not - some guys all the way in the Philippines made it cheap". 

I believe the more Open Source tools - anyone can commission any artist or technical to make material for their games - maybe a Solar System Builder in GODOT or character generator or ship builder.  Taking the tools others made and building it up to greater and greater heights. The BASE of more assets will create a virtuous cycle. 

I can imagine people using Freelance Services to Animate and produce their Games into Shows! or just preserving an awesome Game Scene - and that one of these scenes will become its own show - but 99% of everyone else will have something they can share when they played their game. 

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