Thursday, October 14, 2021

Hard Scifi - Why would you want to Play with Rockets in a TRPG?

 Do you remember the number of rolls you make as you leave the Star-port and Roll for Jump. The Risk of a Misjump? A game designer who wants to make ROCKETS and hard Scifi fun needs to be able to tell an engaging story and challenges of a Crew and Ship - escaping from a Gravity Well. 

Escaping a Gravity Well. This is one of the scariest things in a Cepheus Engine TL6-8 Setting. Second to that is the Radiation Belts and the Flyby and Slingshot. The Players need to roll for supplies and maintenance, making sure the ship is ready - and then the Players roll if they have Problems when the Launch, or Boost towards their destination. 

I guess this is why I'm taking so long - my strengths is not in storytelling but in Logistics and Planning. I'm the guy who gives the Plan for Executive approval - the executive in this case being the Players and Referee. Do you like my work and research and think you can use it for your game - Do you think these challenges are exciting for the Players? 

As we move towards TL8 TL7 Commercial Space Flight will mean wearing more HATS. your logistics expert, your crew, may have to do more work with regards to the Preparation of a Ship to Launch not just to Operate the Ship as it travels 14kms escaping earth gravity. 

I have to give you, the referee and players, problems in a way you can solve and feel good solving or juggling. It has to feel like a real space project and program but not too complicated that you throw the book I wrote.  

Remember that the FAILED launch, the hardware problems IS the adventure. A rocket launch that doesn't involve a TPK means this is one of the monsters the players have to beat. 

The RULES we study and create for the GAME signify what matters. I will write the following: 

  1. A way for you to roll a rocket launch or begin your month long trip.  
  2. Listing the Problems and Challenges and giving CONTEXT to these - they can be thorny troubles or serious crises. 
  3. CONTROLS - options for the Referee and Players in how to solve problems. 
  4. World Building and Doctrine - impact of the technology and practice, and economy. World building helps build stakes - because it gives PCs their Place in the world and what can be reasonably expected. Expectations set up stakes - from the payoff, benchmarks, risks and opportunities the players will encounter. 

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