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New Spreadsheet - that would add another month. Probably Dec

This Ship Design System is going to be Complicated, holding more Detail than the current CE ship system BUT because you will have access to the Spreadsheet and ALL the sample Ships it would be easier. 

  1. MINING. the first Ship in Common Vessels is mining BUT the Mining Rules lack the Following: 
    1. How do I go about Mining? Checklist for Mining? 
    2. How does actual Mining Work vs mining in this Game? 
    3. How does the World and Opportunities look like if my Party are Miners? 
  2. It breaks down in TL8 and below. I will address this since I've been using Simple Rockets, Kerbal, Children of the Dead Earth and Universe Sandbox to study - testing out theories and troubleshooting "Why didn't that do what I thought it would do?" 
    1. Curious Droids Buran-Energia is quite interesting imagining TL6 to TL7 setting. 
  3.  Simplifying a lot
    1. Life Support Cost/day (I'm going to make it simply TL based but simple like)
    2. Quality of LIFE Expenses - wealthier having more exercise, recovery time and access to recovery services (like more medical access, less inconveniences, and more time free to waste or invest). The more QOL expenses the more stability and time. The character who has to cook, clean, maintain, pay their taxes, take care of their stuff, etc... has less time and the higher the QOL the more TIME the character has. 
      1. QOL are the services, technology, medicine, and access that lets players have more time. 
    3. EXPENSES and INCOMES. Since Pre jump ships really are charge TIME or DURATION of the stay's expenses (including overhead) + margin. 
      1. FTL ships really charge a PREMIUM for the TIME they SAVE. 

The Technical Debt of the current CE ship building are the following: 

  1. Table Based instead of a Formula which GURPS, MGT2E, CEDelux, and others have migrated to. Instead of Calculating Grades of Engine with A being the worse (Counter-Intuitive after playing Twlight 2000) Tons of Engine. 
  2. The way Components should work is pretty much the same as a way I can put SUB Components. One of my problems was the BAY occupying Space and the Thing in the Bay counting Double. 
    1. A Escape Pod BAY (so that an Escape Pod can Eject and be accessed) cannot have the ROW item beneath it: the escape pod line up its DT because it doesnt really ADD DT, the DT is already there in the BAY. 
    2. Engine and FUEL is important to be Linked because they affect each other. Delta V calculations need to know the Total Fuel available. 
  3. One of the HARDEST problems is: How do I present it in a Spreadsheet while...
    1. Easy to Cut and Paste to a DOC. easy to clean and make pretty. 
    2. All the other Metrics like HP, Hit Location, and Revenue vs Expenses. 
    3. How do I Build into the Document all the RULES so that a Ship Table is self contained  with all the relevant Rules for running it without Jumping back and forth between Ship Ops being there. The book sold is really the text to do this manually or a way to contribute to the cost of the spreadsheet. 
      1. Players knowing their RISK and Taking ACTIONS to manage those risks and hoping their strategy pays off. Thats one of the weirdest things about the game for Entrepreneurs go its weird when they don't look before they leap as my family history which has both Elements of Luck, Entrepreneurship, Skill, and Careful calculation reflects how Financial Illiteracy is one of the main causes of Suffering and business failure. I want the PCs to be better than the rest in approaching a business - I guess its an Middle class Developing World thing where basic financial literacy makes us behave strangely (It should provoke the empathy to understand systemic poverty).

New Spreadsheet

So this spreadsheet took like 4 weeks and the previous version which Nicco made took about 4 weeks also. But I wasn't satisfied and I know what I want is beyond my current ability - because I don't know how I'm going to achieving it some of it. How do I bring it to  4 Columns and allow for Sub-Items listed in another Row? For example: having A Shuttle under the Shuttle bay. 

I learned query allowing me to recompile the Table,  and learned how to better use index and match for the more Complex Engine performance.  

Isn't that Sad and part of reality - we set out to do something and we realize it is beyond our current ability and we do the research to figure it all out and try again. We make drafts and drafts because we;re not geniuses and since its part time we have to juggle our passions with reality. 

The Great thing about a Spreadsheet that is well made is that I plan to look for a Javascript Tutor in Fiverr and ask to be tutored (at a budget of 5-10usd/hr for about 200usd all in) to be taught to make this into a Javascript app that References a Sheet. 
The purpose of Javascript is so that I'm not LIMITED to the layout of the table. Generate a PDF of the ship and other details that make anything to do with the ship on that pdf. too bad Roll20 cant host pdfs 

Other Challenges

  1. My Blender skills got Rusty as I focused more on the Writing. There is SOOO much i want to do. 
    1. Imphenzia, Daniel Grove Photo, Josh Gramble have to be rewatched because I forgot so many. 
    2. the ship Nicco is making is great there are serious challenges - nicco knows rigging better than me, I on the other hand had the formal training as an apprentice to Hernan Javines and have a strong workflow development. 

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