Tuesday, November 30, 2021

reiterating Admin Skills in games no. 8

Basically I have Admin that grants an Advantage to other peoples rolls by using Quality Management and various Logic principles. Its funny when in Games people dont know how Management is supposed to work - they see it as someone to ORDER other people around - they doesnt grant bonuses to rolls. 

Duude Admin is kick ass, support character like a BARD but in real life. Also jack of all trades, any task can be better organized even if the task is entirely unfamiliar. Have uncertanity - then you will have trial and error, but can trial and error be optimized: HELL YEAH! admin

A lot of IT is trial and error, especially in Developing World conditions. Trial and Error have best practices found in PRoject Management (PMBOK). PMBOK is under Admin. Heck the simplest HACK Admin performs is REQUIREMENTS MANAGEMENT (under Quality Management) - ensuring what is the minimum requirement and optimizing resources (Resource Optimization and Critical Path/Chain are under PMBOK and QM and under engineering). 

DO X, and Requirements Management negotiates what is the mininum cost to quality of X, to perform more tasks or free up more resources. There is always scarcity and QM/Admin optimizes this. Who'd thunk that a Skill in Organization is great in a world of constant Entropy? 

How does it affect me in the real world: example would be the Data Protection Act, the equivalent of the EU's Data protection act here in the Philippines. I have to scrounge for resources and propose a business case: business case how this makes us Better Off in a tangble manner. SO MUCH of business is making an action's utility higher as to break even or even thrive. right now I'm determining budget and business case, relying on data to get stakeholders to grant me resources. ideally using the forces of self interest. 

In Game its not supposed to be "Game Breaking" Admin is near useless without Resources, the other PCs with special skills. even PCs without useful skills COMPARATIVE ADVANTAGE prevents bottlenecking - when one PC is devided between many critical tasks (using the skill you discover what is still the optimal arrangement despite not being able to allocate that most skilled PC as well as map what skills are needed to avoid this bottleneck). 

NICHE PROTECTION is not needed in a Game that considers Admin - characters with overlapping skills can not only be used as redundancy but to INCREASE the yield or outcome of a particular Competency area. A GROUP of hackers, thieves, fighters etc... will be optimized to do more than ONE skilled person can do until we hit diminishing returns. 

Does a GM need to be an MBA or Engineer to do this? HELL NO! every minmaxing munchkin is already studied in the basic principles of Resource Otpimizaton and Management Sciences. Being a gamer is already a start as we can measure and monitor, and it is just applying fundamentals in a higher level do we start using these at higher levels. 

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