Wednesday, November 17, 2021

Being patient - slow progress

 With the Expanse ending I really should hurry up. The Cepheus ship generation system that makes harder scifi ship got side tracked -  I realized I cannot emphasize the differences between Orbital (surface to orbit) if I didn't make Worlds that emphasized these. So ships designed to carry a payload to orbit vs ships that travel intrastellar space.   Given my age, another barrier for entry is that this complexity needed to be simpler through a simple Google appscript that generated the world on click (main world vs other worlds)  People pay not just for the inspiration but the tools to make it accessible. A regular traveller gamer with the same tools need to take only FUN hour or less to learn the difference and the transition (a youtube video that walks through the entire toolset will come later on).   The actions that make the person aware of the assumptions of the different system need to defined. Reminds me of migrating our accounting system to periodic to perpetual - and a new software - a different world where things work differently but is much easier After the learning curve.


My main barriers these days 

1) are my week nights being reduced as we prepare for easing of lockdown - getting new Gov't ID, fixing stuff in the house, things for the kids. My son's filipino studies have been interrupting my work, as it takes me an hour to build him an Anki deck.

2) work has picked up as we are now transitioning TO erpnext. This is a project that I'm documenting so that small business can adopt it. I'm now juggling students, ojts, and laying the ground work that we migrate some systems by end of year And by next year at Feb we have OJTS I can train. 

I need to study google cloud, cloud sigma, and Alicloud on Feb -  and this is making me anxious.


nicco is pretty much building all the 3d assets for all the art. Enough to get the idea across but I will hand over the other tasks to him when I get too busy.

I have on the drawing board the outline of the world building appscript. I didn't realize that I have to plan out every script and where I'm going to get the other scripts (from learn Google spreadsheets channel and which videos). 

I need the plan because when I get into the weeds I end up going in circles. Also it is to process my anxiety and uncertainty. I always am optimistic only to realize I forgot some key things.

This past week's I've been busy with family matters. When I work on this I'm conflicted when I don't spend more time with the kids. I want the book out but I don't want it at the expense of hanging out with my kids.

Bankrolling all this with my own money -  instead of buying any other thing for recreation I just invest more on this. It helps that it's self funded. I'm lucky I can afford to set aside funds for this. 




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