Monday, December 23, 2013

My Writing Financing my Writing

I got an unexpected check in the mail the day I wrote this. My calculations of how much it pays per word was way off by 1/3. So it looks like I earned more than i expected writing and where I am the check is how much I used to earn as a 3d Artist for a month's work (200 hours). In the Philippines this check goes such a long way that its actually allows me to afford some help in writing.

It really is the first time I made money doing something I\m passionate about, compared to the projects and frustration in my day job. So how I want to spend it says a lot. My friends were telling me, jokingly, to buy more airsoft guns and gear. I am my mom's son when I think: What the heck is that going to do for me staying in the closet 6 days a week? The only reasonable thing is to invest it back into writing, in my case finding an editor, in the Philippines even if a copy editor or proof reader should be within my budget for such a simple job and task, now that I have enough liquidity to pay a down for writing services (having been a starving artist a long time I know how it feels).

I plan to do such for the most of the money I would ever earn with the writing I have planned once I can be freed from these projects and squeeze in some writing. Writing between projects seems to be easy, because I really get frustrated at work and nothing like writing on the desk makes time fly just too fast.

It seems Work and a constant source of stress and sadness is a great source of inspiration and fuel for writing and gaming. Since I plan to write 19th Century Philippine, Crusader/Byzantine, and Transhumanist fiction I don't think it will make a lot of money my current strategy is Dime Electronic Short Novels. I'd probably make more money writing for SJGames if they publish the things I have lined up (mostly material designed to make OCD gm's jobs easier by letting me do all the work for these GMs like a good little GM Personal Assistant). I'm still going to have a full time job but at least I can tell my kid that I did this Novel and got published lolz.

I think in this world where jobs and economies are slowly stagnating, that the jobs that are available are those that are unbearable, where the jobs we want put us in so much educational debt and are such a gamble, and while having that deep and conflicted relationship with optimism, the small wins become so much bigger and satisfying. Its like the world changes in that one instance before level headed decision making and forethought kicks in and that magical afflicting is forgotten and the sensation is but an ideal I can barely describe.

Hopefully I've made headway when this gets published. Thats the cool thing about scheduled posts, I have time to put my money where my mouth is.

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