Tuesday, December 3, 2013

War Beneath Heaven S02:E03; Clashes before the Dawn Primer

(Happening during the Events of the Previous Game)

Thomas was exhausted, his migraine got worse because he couldn't run that day with all the fires that had to be put out, but mostly because of the disagreement with Osman. Harsh words were exchanged, and he felt guilty to admit it that he did really lose sight of what was important, good thing Osman was there to remind him.

While Osman called in favors, Thomas did his own digging and footwork. He called on the network his father gave him, his childhood friends who are scions and heirs of the current administration. He had to track them all down, and dig for information. With each lead he conferred with the Prince and was getting closer to finding a way to rescue Jakub.  

Jakub was not just a friend who prepared his drinks, he was his fighting instructor and his client - he helped finance the martial arts bar and dojo. Thomas wanted best marital artist he can get his hands on within arms reach and indebted to him, but it was Osman who cultivated the real friendship that could not grow in such pragmatic soil.

Jakub was and is Osmans friend, and he wanted to desperately to know what happened to him. Its only been 12 hours, and Jakub is tougher than any man he has ever known. He’s been known to take on UAE Spec Ops Commandos although his tactics is that of a streetfighter and not a tactician, has added to both their worries. It maybe that reason he may not fare so well against: whatever they may be facing.

What Dylan Baker told Osman struck the fear of god into his heretical partner. Osman went on about the Inquisition with lingering disbelief. Thomas auto search flashed the data and access on various forum discussions of the key books brought out details of history that took only Osmans empathy to piece together in the narrative and vivid form… details that dawned on Thomas at the possible fate of someone like Jakub. Inquisitors, Witch-Hunters, and Crusaders: mass murderers with great PR and unbridled consciences. A kind of violence and suffering that made the Haven Martial Law look like a day in the park. Monsters are something Thomas can deal with, but monsters that have divine powers are something that need extra help.

All Thomas’s digging leads him to a trashy trinket shop way past midnight, in a very poor and desolate part of Old Town where two men seem to be having a business dispute. They look of the same age, although he can’t gauge the age of the western man accurately. Their body language, despite being rigid and guarded, betrays a confidence that can only come from a very close familiarity. Being able to hear their argument, and their carelessness in concealing it only leads him to conclude close friends arguing over prices and petty debts. He approaches them, when both men suddenly stop to look at him. He saw the tension and sudden change of expression in their eyes when they moved quickly to…

2:45 AM Old Town; Channel 9 News Alert

A Fire has spread destroying parked cars, stalls, and the front of a small shop in the corner of Luna and Eldiberto street. No one saw the cause of the explosion, and there are 1 casualty: a man burned beyond recognition. Sources say…

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