Monday, March 20, 2023

Status update: 2-Parsec will have Mneme Variant Equipment and musings of Wealth across Eras

I am currently working on Mneme Variant Equipment, a set of mechanics I had to make because I wanted equipment templates and write ups for 2-Parsec. It attempted to solve the following problems: 

1) equipment is bulky and took up a lot of space on the page. having Equipment packages allowed me to have no layout-disrupting tables. 
2) give Players and GMS equipment packages from the guy who would plan his load out for Airsoft, for excursions, for trips abroad, and thought about it a lot. 

Of course it got me into a lot of thinking:  

Throughout history, wealth has taken on many different forms. Hunter-gatherers valued anything they could carry with them, while early farmers prized land and crops. As civilizations developed, so did the accumulation of capital and infrastructure.

Today, in 2023, wealth is often associated with material possessions such as cars, homes, appliances, and other equipment. However, with the emergence of AI and the Maker Era, this definition is rapidly changing. The rise of collectives of makers is leading to a correction of monopolistic forces and transforming material wealth.

Another area where wealth is evolving is in the field of cybernetics and healthcare. As the number of technical professionals increases and social mobility improves, cybernetics and healthcare are becoming more accessible to people who previously lacked access. This increased access is leading to people being able to perform at a high level throughout their lives and accumulate wealth as a result.
At present, the cost of repairing cybernetic enhancements or space habitats would be astronomical. However, as technology continues to advance, these costs may become more akin to repairing a car or performing expensive home repairs.

The ability to sustain human life in space indefinitely is a milestone of our mastery of the material environment. It represents a level of wealth and technological advancement that could allow us to become less dependent on Earth and more self-sufficient as a species. 

Technical Challenges

When using Technical mechanics, you will need to remember this simple formula:

Output = Materials x Capabilities x Risk.

Capabilities refer to skill, manpower, and technology level, while materials include the raw materials and equipment used in creating the output. Output refers to the product or service the PCs need or will provide to move the story forward.

Risk is determined by rolling dice and can result in success, degrees of success (including costly success), or failure, and degrees of costly failure.

When the story presents a technical challenge, technical players can use the known variables to determine the unknown variables. The game master will then assign risk to these variables, including the difficulty, consequences, and stakes of success or failure. By incorporating technical mechanics into the game, players can add depth and interest to the story while keeping the challenges and outcomes realistic.

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