Friday, March 3, 2023

Sky's End by Niccolo Salonga

If you follow this Blog, you will know Niccolo Salonga as the Artist of Game in the Brain. He finally launched his decades old system Sky's End. He's been working on this system back in college in 2000 and have had scores of play tests over the years. The system is a Ship of Theseus

I'm very happy he published and took that bold step. I dont know if you noticed how OPEN we are here in game in the brain given how much of our material can easily be reorganized and repurposed for others to self-publish - to get their foot out the door and to realize "Its not so bad" and to begin the learning process. 

Its pay what you want, and encouraged at 2usd

If you dont have the time to invest in 90 pages, you can try the quick starter

Have a start and grow. 
Self publishing means having a lot of blindsided. So typically its rough and needs feedback. Nicco is easy to talk to about his product and a worthwhile investment in a game that will grow. 

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