Friday, March 3, 2023

Game in the Brain Feb Sales 2023

1) I quit my Chinese and Work ANKI drills which occupied at least 7-20 hours a week - inevitably my 2k vocabulary will turn to crap. I realized financially since the pandemic my dream to travel to Taiwan and GuangDong for tech visits and supplier finding will not happen. I’ve been doing Chinese studies since 2011. This frees up my time for other things. Most importantly writing and editing. 

2) Editing is slow and ponderous as 50+ page adventure is slow and ponderous in MS Office. Before the next book I will research if Libreoffice is better. Every click and command takes about 1-2 seconds even on a powerful gaming computer.  I’ve only progressed 2 pages this week. I have 20 pages to fix. 

3) health is also a factor. I had to pay down my sleep debt. I think by mid march my health will be better if I reinvest all the time I lost studying Chinese to running more and moving around since I am WFH and can end up doing only 500steps in a day (as compared to 3000 pre pandemic)

4) I have some funds for commissions - and I will start polishing the art with more of my free time.

I learned our local bank doesnt play nice with PayPal, preventing me to put it in our dollar account as it converts it pesos. 

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