Tuesday, March 7, 2023

Update: More Delays - Equipment and Stat Problems. Templates and Budgets

Problem Statement: 
  • The equipment in the statistic blocks (Stat blocks) are too BULKY in the layout and Messy. Its also repetitive and wasted space. Example: Of course everyone will have a Phone or Personal Comms Device. 
  • Budget System: Saying the person has X amount of Equipment in Credits and Weight. This lets anyone not have to keep track of their gear and have anything reasonable in their person. 
  • Templates. A guide of what a soldier, emergency responder, a regular person should carry. (example: someone who lives in the frontier, in a high-end space station, hiking in vacuum or thin atmosphere) 
  • Time, I should figure out a way to finish this in a Week. 

I already have a spreadsheet for Equipment. I use a spreadsheet to make sure all the stats are written in the context of alternatives and variations. To "Balance" out why people choose one option over another. 

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