Tuesday, March 21, 2023

Income per Day, as analysis of Overhead to get Output Costs

 So I need to create a table of how much it costs for a certain amount of unskilled and skilled manpower. This is important for the Technical Challenge mechanics. It is interesting, though, that while Inflation raised the cost of living - we are living in much better times.

So someone from 1800 looking at our Incomes through a filter adjusting it according to their inflation will see a Wealthy middle-middle class person earning 11.25 USD (1800 CE) per day.

While we look back into the past and see they were living in on 50usd/day, equal to our "Underclass" through the filter of our Inflation lense. 

Can you imagine the Middle-Middle class in 2100 earning about 800usd per day to our 2000 perspective? or 3,200 USD per day for those in 2200! or 12,800usd/day for middle-middle class in 2300!!!  What does a person spend on in 12,800!? A middle-middle-class person who is one of the most socially mobile would probably live in Space in a habitat. Earth would probably be the home for most of those with Universal Basic Income, only needing a fraction to have a full life compared to those in space who are close to Jovian Forges and Mining Tethers. 

Space ships at the cost of hundreds of millions when incomes are 64x that of people from the 2000s would be more accessible and become just millions. 

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