Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Imperfect Product - hope we can fix it in time


So I’m keeping a Issue Log on the World Generator Sheet. 
This way I can keep track of the problems. 
Nicco found some problems - I need an afternoon to study the spreadsheet as I delegated its development as well as did not think of those problems when I was checking the work. 
Anyway people who check the sheet should be able to notice the resolution of the problems. 

We are 3 copies away from copper. I hope to fix this by the target dates. 
That’s the problem of offering software tools, the software tools need support. BUT i believe this is the future- people will understand the system but will want the use of it to be MUCH easier. So spreadsheets and software tools will be a huge quality of life improvement. 

Lolz 2000 5usd copies (or 1000 10usd copies). 

I’m excited by the Milestone project. 
  1. A visual way to illustrate the STATS of Star System - a prototype it will not be perfect but we hope feedback will be given. It’s meant so that the GM can hand this information out and very little legend-information is need to understand the system stats. I don’t know if you found the Hex-code system very difficult for Worlds and it really just talked about the World and not the System. 
  2. The system - Mneme World Generation system is unlike the the old Traveller which focuses on the world. MWG focuses on the System. When you see its stats you think of places to visit.  

I found that the Aliens are here for our Water funny learning more of what I learned in making this book. Jupiter is 317 earth masses. 0.0025 or .25% of Jupiter is Water = 0.79 earth masses  while earth has 0.05% of its mass (0.0005 earth mass) is water. There is more water on Jupiter and Saturn and the Ice Worlds of Neptune and Uranus than on Earth! 

Also that Water is a powerful greenhouse gas - that Jupiter may have pockets of heat that allows for life. I’m on the camp that puts life on Jupiter (jelly fish like, micro organisms like flying water bears, or manta rays who can fly above its crushing atmosphere) at 90%. It’s not a matter of if it has life but how much. 

That Jupiter and human mining for metallic hydrogen and super dense ice will have creatures that will prey on our mining ships. Not only is finding the orbit and deltaV to handle its gravity so difficult - there is a chance the equipment sent down will be PULLED along with its ship. A great premise is that 100 years passes and people later discover the giants of Jupiter. 

Our part of the galaxy will have a lot of a kind of life. That our Gas worlds with sufficient conditions will have certain amounts of life. 

Gas world mining - extracting metallic hydrogen as it is the Primary Fuel for Interstellar Travel in MNEME ship designing book. I hoping my Networking Skills (as I partner up with schools) Help me find Physics Graduates who can help me do the Math for the Energy density and help me go through Atomic Rockets (winchel Chung). Like Kerbal, Simple Rockets, and Various other games - these are theoretical values that are known and its a matter of applying them to the game and “packaging” them to be easy to handle for the players. The way in Mechwarrior an AutoCannon 20 is a Class of Autocannons that for all intents and purposes deals 20 damage - here the engines Game stats are a particular kind - and some Quirks individualize the models. 

Hydrogen and Methane and of course Oxygen is still key for most logistics. Well keep it simple - one of the things I learned in my Job is to Compartmentalize the systems. Adapt to the end users - not all the things - but the main thing that makes them like the change process. 

Costs reflection

The kind of company who can Afford the software development to accompany their products - is a company that sells 20,000 5usd copies per year IN PHILIPPINE wages (that’s about 3 million pesos a year). Developed world equivalent would be 5-10x the cost. This is with GODOT and training Fresh Grad IT who dream of Game development from scratch with GODOT for the next 3 years. (None of these factor any compensation to myself, I’ll still be handling the family biz but I’ll be more SANE as some dreams are proven to come true. 500 employees are affected by the family biz in a market as callous and corrupt as the Philippines - I don’t mind dying from the stress to help these people hoping that one day someone smarter and better comes along to take this burden away from me - for that person to only buy time for the next sacrificial lamb comes along, until social progress improves enough that these sacrifices are unecessary). (What ever price mentioned assume 5% inflation annually. So in 5 years 25,000 copies of 5usd per year) 

 2,000 at 5usd copies per year would pay 6,500usd = at 57php per usd = 28,500-30,875php/mo. Taxes would consume about 10-20% and that is barely at a salary of an employee who has 15 years of experience or a supervisor. Enough to hire 10 such would not hire 10 such, it would get freelance services because its a business that is not guaranteed to survive. 

Nicco and I both want to make a GODOT software that makes GMing easier. The smallest would be automating our world generations and map generation. Next is ships and Stations. And then refining and polishing this so that people can generate Assets to SELL - create the platform to sell assets - create the tools to make products.  Remove the more and more of the overhead - that even WE become obsolete. That a kid will build a game for his friends with assets and tools we could have only dreamed of growing up. That the STRENGTH of the community determines the success of the game and not tied to a Corporation - that the Community transforms into an Institution - and talent and output and good comes from the Community.   

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