Tuesday, August 23, 2022

50 Copies Sold for Mneme World Generator

Today our book (with Nicco Salonga) qualifies for Copper Tier (Selling 50 copies)! 250/5 = 50 copies sold. (my brain cannot believe it I think i did the math wrong or I failed to understand the metal tier list). 

As a Milestone - will be adding 3 Systems - Bernard's Star, HSC 1110 and Proxima Centauri. 3 Systems 1-2 Jumps away from Sol (get Near Space from Stellagama Publishing as it is Pay what you want) with Procedurally generated content but detailed and formatted for ease of running.   

We hope to release it by Mid September at the latest. As a free addition to the book. 

  • A Visual Icon System (Instead of the Pure Hex code) to know the Stats of the System. The world is not as important as the system itself in a Harder scifi setting as there are many points of interests inside a system. Icons will be provided for your own usage (Or you can commission using our sample files as style gides)
    • No need to learn the Hexcode for the Systems - the visual icon system is design to need very little memorization. 
    • Its also meant to be placed in the VTT background as well as Handouts. 
  • a Visual icon for the World's Qualities. 
  • All the details the World Generator will provide but polished.  

Future Milestones

  • it will take about 85 copies sold for Nicco and I to afford the XPen Tablet to augment his tools. The milestone for this is an Improved Proceedural Planet generator. ( 270usd / 3.25usd = 83 copies and up). 
    • We're going to apply the lessons in Daniel Groves Tutorial to detail our Planet Generator Template so that we can produce more detailed Splash Pages of the Planet.  

    •  we want those who can invest 20-30mins to try our tutorials and use our template files to be able to prepare these kinds of splash pages (According to the wiki Rigil Kent made this, Not including the GIMP and the Rendering time). We want anyone can make this for their games. When you set the scene for your procedurally generated Star system - Players will find it memorable. 

  • 100 Copies Silver is more systems and an update of the Gdoc of Scifi Notes this is an Create Commons hard scifi setting that can be used to easily set up any story. These notes LINK the technology and the Projects - and how it shapes the setting so the GM can set constraints and limits to whats available - and players have material to work with. 

  • These are my scifi notes when ever some new interesting technology arises as well as demographic shifts. Like population declining as a country becomes developed, and India and Africa being the largest economies in the 2100. Basically when I learn something new I adjust my assumptions - and change my mind. Eventually I will grow too old to update it and Keep it Open source so that someone who can reuse all the work put it as a way to build their Fiction, their Game or their Setting. 

Game in the Brain - making games in a way that makes it easier to make games. Learn from our mistakes or help us learn from our mistakes. Help us improve the tools that make it easier for people to produce more quality material cheaply. *

Thanks for your support! 

*My background is in Quality Management, standardizing and systematizing is just an extention of what we do as Game designers - but scaling it in Game prep, material development, and presentation to players and other gamers would be really nice to do good in. 

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