Friday, August 12, 2022

Update: Preview is now Working - Milestones


  1.  So Thanks to Kari Jo Freudigmann of one bookshelf emailed back and helped with the problem. I overlooked the manage preview of my titles entry. You can now preview ALL 47 Pages to make sure you know what you're getting with the product.
  2. Nicco and I have started on the 50 copy milestone goal as we are now at 42. As discussed we will make some material - Sample Procedurally Generated Solar Systems using Mneme World Generator - using Stars featured in Near Space by Stellagama Games for this we will feature 3 star systems (M class stars). There will be some minor world building as it assumes the TL is about Cepheus Engine TL 9-10 at the very least. 
    1. There will be ICONS and a recommended new table for quickly scanning Systems visually. (we will give all the materials so that everyone who buys the product can produce similar documents for their games). 
    2. We hope to have it ready by end of August or Start of Sept. We will add it to the Downloads of Additional material will be found in the Mneme World Generator Drivethru RPG Link 
    3. We have additional Material Every Milestone. There will be 7 Additional systems in Silver (100 copies), 5 additional in Electrium (250 copies), and 4 for Gold (500 copies). 
    4. We will not provide a stellar map - you can just use Near Space by Stellagama Games  as well as use the other material in the product. 
    5. What is Included in the Additional Material 
      1. Procedurally Generated Cultures and Inhabitants. 
      2. 3d Renders of Planets and splash screens for introducing the worlds. 
      3. 2D maps of the Worlds
      4. You will have locations and distances of the zones and areas. 
      5. We wont make 2D Solar System Maps yet - havented talked to anyone who needed it. Although i personally use both - depending what the players have an easier time grasping. 


We hope to offer 2D maps maybe in Gold. And maybe create Delta-V maps as well. 

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