Monday, August 29, 2022

High Technical Debt - Ends doesnt justify the means - too much Game in the Brain.

 To a Gamer - Ends Doesnt Justify the Means = High Technical DEBT means. 

Sustainable Means (Low or No Tech Debt methods and principles) means I CAN KEEP ROLLING THE DICE - with lower critical failure. (minor setbacks and opportunity costs are acceptable risks). 

A gamer with a grasp of statistics realizes that - ethical means - means no critical failure consequence. Then every roll without Critical Failure can move the needle a little bit more to a WIN with every roll. 

the Min-maxer who will pursue OPTIMAL goals will pursue Low Tech Debt Actions (Ethical and moral actions) they can Afford to Do - creating as many opportunities to ROLL. 

  • Getting to Know people. 
  • Helping out, within their limits
  • navigating ethics and doing no harm or minimizing harm. 
  • Learning and experimenting within our means.  

Whats interesting is that this kind of life - is Playing the Game - engaging, mindful and present, planning, and REVELLING in the small wins and LAUGHING at the failures (along with friends and loved ones). Enjoying the Journey - we play not to win but to experience. Too much Game in the Brain. 

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