Wednesday, August 3, 2022

A different type of TRPG products. Including Software Tools. Thanks for your Support!

Now that I learned enough Javascript to make a Spreadsheet calculator for Character creation (instead of randomizing the stats, it will randomize the Order of the stats and allocation of the skills). After reading the TRPG material, the GM has to also prepare it. 

This is where I want to apply the IT, Design, and Project Management Skills. Make stuff that reduces the time for preparing for the game. I want a user experience where someone gets to view the entire book before they buy it, like in Book stores. When they buy it, the next 15-30 minutes of reading the parts they are particularly interested in - they can implement it in a few minutes. 

For the the Mneme World Generation and the products related to it, the NICHE is making harder scifi more accessible. Whats funny or a contradiction about this is UPDATING the science - its not NOT a lot of calculations. Its updating the rules of thumb - thinking in MASS, in delta-V, multiplying the idea of a ship to x3-x5 because of Fuel. Updating that like Gas Stations and Stops in a long drive we have Inertia Tethers (Buying and Selliing Inertia) and slinging and receiving packages (40ft container sized packages of many tons). Realizing we can live in 0G but with certain modifications. 

"I want a harder scifi, but I want to be comfortable with the amount of Technical Complexity that it may entail." This is a VERY Tiny niche of players and GMS who - I like science and technology, but I don't want to be overwhelmed. That there is no stigma for picking and choosing what I take to my setting. 

Particulary keeping a few key handwave - like Jump or FTL or None (% of light speed).  Gravity manipulation seems to be the most damaging handwave IMO. A particularly conservative Scifi where tens of tons of material are needed per individual for support, and these individuals are key in moving and creating hundreds of tons of material in an economy. 

1,000Cr = 1M 2020 USD. it can let you live a long time in a TL7 World with Gravity BUT it will barely pay for a Ship's upkeep. That people WANT to live in Space even if it costs Millions of 2020 USD more because you are part of an Economy more than a thousand times larger: This is what people in the Developing world do when they go to the Developed world. 

In the developing world our Cost of living is 1/10-1/20 of the Developed world but our Quality of life is much worse and ACCESS to technology and CHANGE and ADAPTATION. 

Spacers are Materially and Technologically "RICHER" than surface dwellers because they are part of an Economy that pays them 1000x more. 

 This ECONOMIC implications is mind breaking, Honestly I've not fully grasped it - with cousins living in the USA (my entire mothers side migrated to the US and my siblings) and working on BPO Adjacent Businesses - I'm am constantly reminded of Comparative Advantage.  But then again the Belters, the Poorest of the Spacers - may be poorer in health than Earthers - can be compared to the poor or economic underclass (EU, USA and Japan comes to mind) of developed nations.  

Imagining 0G graphite steel, space elevators, sky hooks, etc..  

 Imagining that the Elite population of Space would eventually be the economic Elite whose wealth and power would make our current elite trivial. with Microgravity/0G materials, the scale of materials being moved, etc.. imagining 2300 (like in the expanse) just the Jupiter region the economic Wealth and Technology as multiples of the Billions of Tons of material are moved daily (unlike yearly for earth). Of course the MANPOWER demand and of course the corruption. 

I'd love to populate that setting - with the GMs with ships that can be taken from Atomic Rockets. 

Thank You everyone! Nicco and I are definitely grateful for your support and will check our email and the page everyday for any support needed. 

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